I want to thank all the people who stood by my family during the time of the dictatorship, among them Fejzi Kalasa, the writer Fatos Arapi, Dr. Drago Vuiosaevic, Niki Konomi, Chrisanthi Dilo, Razie Kalludhi, Timo Bezhani, and Perlat and Fatime Xhiku. I also want to thank the ex-prisoners and fellow villagers who took part in the reburial of my father’s bones, and Lavdosh Sulo, who came from Paris to drop some soil on Dino’s grave.

As a refugee I was helped immensely by the Greek government, as well as the Palavicini, Bonelo, Andrioti, Roko, Makri, Bogdano, Evangeliou and Zaviciano families and the late engineer Ioanis Fufas in Corfu. Above all, my thanks to the Greek Orthodox Church, especially Archbishop Timotheos, who placed in our souls the sweet smile of hope. Thanks to Martha for pursuing her vision.