A proposal such as this was something he could not even contemplate. To spy! To observe and report on everyone — relatives of the Greek-Albanian minority living in Greece, Albanian fugitives — just one word against the regime would be enough to make their friends and relatives in Albania pay with prison, or worse, their lives.

On the other hand, who would not have accepted this proposal? Saying yes meant staying out of hell. It was too easy to imagine the consequences of refusing to accept this offer. Who dared say no to the state’s security agents? There was no joking with this institution of crime.

Until 1954 Dino worked as a bank director in Saranda, Gjirokaster and Vlora; everywhere he was known for his honesty and skill as a manager. But because of the secret file, he was finally arrested while working in Vlora. When told he was being arrested in the name of the people, he addressed the officers chaining his hands: