Remaining true to his independent nature, Dino often objected to instructions coming from the partisan leadership. Once, when ordered to kill a man of the political right, he set the man free. In September 1943 he was ordered to take the city of Saranda, which was then under control of the Italian army. He managed to do this without a single fatality, yet communist history never mentioned his name.

His greatest problem with the new system occurred after the liberation of Albania from fascist and nazist control. In the communist party — a nest of ignorance and wickedness — he encountered the most irreconcilable enemy of his conscience. The party expected members to spy and report on their friends, relatives and acquaintances. In this atmosphere of suspicion, the simplest slip of the tongue was enough to send someone to prison. Dino was constantly trying to save these victims destined for sacrifice to the party. For his independence, a secret file was opened on Dino, meaning he was one step from prison. This biografi, which accompanied him throughout his life, contained the false allegation that he was a secret agent for the Greeks. After the elections in 1946, which were rigged by the communists, he found himself excluded from the party because he failed to demonstrate the appropriate hatred for the wealthy classes. The flaws of communism were becoming more and more apparent.