Saranda: Spiro “Pipo” Bituni

Spiro “Pipo” Bituni

Pipo Bituni was thrown into prison, along with his brother and future father-in-law, because an ex-security officer was in love with Pipo’s fiancée. She remained true to Pipo, and when he got out of prison, they married. Today he is president of the veterans’ organization in Saranda.

Pipo says, “Although we fought for the liberation of our country, our efforts were in vain, as Albania was transformed into a prison for the next fifty years.”

Pipo, Viktoria and Robert, with wedding portrait

Viktoria, Pipo’s wife, mentions, “When my father returned from prison, we weren’t able to recognize him; we thought that this was a beggar standing in front of us.”

Pipo continues, “I can understand why they imprisoned Dino, who would not submit to anyone; they threatened his wife Sophia as well with death, and she did not surrender either. They were a chosen couple, with so much love for each other! Every Sunday we saw them taking their walk. They were tormented by the communists their entire lives.”